What is the Kidney Early Evaluation Program?

KEEP is a free health
screening program
offered by the National
Kidney Foundation
for individuals at
increased risk of devel-
oping kidney disease.

The Goal of this program is to screen high risk individuals to diagnose the onset of kidney disease as early as is possible and to begin treatments needed to delay if not eliminate the need for dialysis or transplantation later in life.

You should attend if you are...

18 years of age or older and have a parent, grandparent, brother or sister with diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease, or if you have high blood pressure or diabetes

One or more of these services will be provided to you at the time of screening...

1 Blood pressure and weight measurements.

2 Blood and urine tests for signs of diabetes and kidney disease. The following tests will be conducted:

  • Blood glucose check
  • Hemoglobin check
  • Urine dipstick test for hematuria
  • Urine dipstick test for microalbumin
  • Urine dipstick test for pyuria
  • Serum creatine check
  • Calculated creatine clearance

    3 The NKF will contact you with your results.

    4 Referral to physicians or public health care facilities will be provided if necessary.

  • If you or a relative has diabetes or high blood pressure, or if a member of your family is being treated for kidney failure, you may be at risk of developing kidney disease and should be screened.

    If the funding for this program is secured, the Northeast New York affiliate is committed to providing 6 KEEP screenings through it's region in 2003 / 2002

    Please call 518-458-9697 for more information